This page just compiles cool stuff I've found over the web. Enjoy!

Free Pixel art Games
Hot air Balloon
In this game, you are a fan that guides our dear protaganist in a baloon by blowing the baloon in a certain direction. With mario type graphics, this is a creative, challenging, and fun game.
Pixel Hugger
With a Zelda like perspective, you, as the Pixel hugger, must collect items and defeat mother AA!
Pixel Invaders
Space invaders, with a twist!
Pixel Drop
Try to get down without hurting yourself!
Forgotten Myths
A professional looking game, this is amazing. Itself looking like a real GBA game, this is a complete RPG.
An Untitled Story
Explore a vast and diverse world. Not complete.
Zen Garden Demo
Just another fun puzzel game. Only demo though. D=

Pixeled Comics
Pixel Comic
The chroincles of pixels and other computer beings.
Comet 7
Weird characters and great humor.

Non Pixel stuff
Steampunk Workshop
Steampunk Workshop has great mods for you computer, as well as other things. As you may have guessed, it focuses on steampunk era type projects.
Created by ZeroFive1
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